Our beautifully decorated wedding cakes are a speciality.

Traditional Cake

The classic wedding cake is usually a tiered fruit cake. It comes as a round or square shape, and is finished with white fondant icing.

Modern Cake

The only limit is your imagination! Choose a cake style that will fit in with the theme of your wedding and with your own personal taste.


Cupcake stacks are a delicious alternative, and you can choose as many amazing flavours as you like. They are a handy, mess-free alternative.


Choose flavours that you like and that your guests will enjoy. You can pick a different flavour for each tier – it might be useful for allergy-prone guests to include a layer that is free of gluten, dairy or nuts


The icing on the cake will be chosen for function as well as for taste. The icing needs to be able to stay looking good for a lengthy period of time without cracking or melting.


Decoration will depend on your wedding theme and individual preference. Gems, roses, shimmers, sparkles, action figures… we can design it all and you’ll love the result!

Taranaki wedding award

See our list of flavours on our FAQ page.

We recommend you put in your wedding cake order as soon as possible to avoid missing out. We deliver our home-baked cakes Taranaki wide including New Plymouth. Delivery charges apply.

Check out the Gallery for style suggestions.